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ECE 220 Multimedia Signal Processing November 30, 2006 Fall 2006 Topics & Concepts for Final Exam Wednesday, December 13 7-9:30 pm 205 Thurston Hall This page lists the additional topics that we’ve covered since Exam 3. This is a comprehensive listing of what we’ve done; obviously the exam cannot test everything and appearance of a concept on this sheet does not guarantee it will appear on the exam. This page outlines what you’re expected to have gotten out of the lectures, demonstrations, homeworks, and labs. The exam is cumulative — the final exam covers all material in the class. Refer to the General Sampling & Reconstruction (Chapter 12) Block diagram models of ideal sampling and ideal reconstruction for arbitrary signals. Operation of the “magic box” and “inverse magic box” to remove/insert time in seconds by converting delta functions. Be able to draw the appropriate spectrum (CTFT or DTFT) at each location in the sampling/interpolation block diagrams as well as the time-domain signals. The
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