6 blue lobster 12 points the pigmentation of lobsters

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Unformatted text preview: the third state? ( ) 6. Blue lobster 12 points The pigmentation of lobsters is due to astaxanthin, a linear polyene molecule with 11 pairs of delocalized pi electrons. In a rare blue-colored lobster, astaxanthin is bound to the protein crustacyanin and has an absorption maximum at 632 nm. If the pi system in astaxanthin is modeled as a one-dimensional box containing the pi electrons, what is its box length? In one go: (( ) ) ( ) ( √ Multiple steps: ( ) √ ) 7. Ripples in the box (challenging) 13 points Consider a 1D box where the potential within the box is not completely flat, but slightly rippled, described by ( ) ( ) where M is 1, 2, 3, … This potential can be taken into account by ̂̂ adding it to the Hamiltonian: ( ) where ̂ is the 1D box Hamiltonian...
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