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Sean Trank 3/28/2008 Dr. Greer 1. What are some of the struggles faced by religious television stations in relation to the transition to digital? Cost was one of the main struggles. It would cost six million dollars to covert to digital and one of the only ways to survive this transition would be to run one station on low power while selling the others to pay for the one. Another problem comes from the major networks that control the market and buy out the smaller networks. The competitions between these companies are fierce and will take its toll on the smaller religious companies. 2. What was the focus of the research study? This research study was used to assess religious television stations economic response to
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Unformatted text preview: the digital television conversion. They wanted to see how religious stations would handle the switch and what problems they might run into. 3. What were key findings of the study? The study found that religious television has more problems than secular. There are much more obstacles related to the digital conversion for religious groups. Religious groups would not be able to maintain revenue after the switch to digital. Religious groups were found to be more pessimistic about the switch to digital. Little to no benefit comes to religious television stations from the digital conversion....
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