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COM 350 - • Mass Media Exposure • Interpersonal...

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COM 350 1/18/08 The process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among members of a social system (Roger) Key Innovation Communication and channel Time Social System Innovation Idea, practice or object perceived as new Key Issues in Diffusion Uncertainty Social change Planned and spontaneous spread of ideas Diffusion History S-shaped diffusion curve Ryan & Gross hybrid seed corn study (1948) Innovativeness (dependent variable) Cumulating number Differing sources and channels of communication Channels Types Mediated Interpersonal Types of Innovators
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Innovator (Venturesome) 2.5% Early adopters (respect)13.5% Early Majority (deliberate)34% Late Majority(Skeptical) 34% Laggards (traditional) 16% Characteristics of the early adopters Formal education Higher SES (social economic status)
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Unformatted text preview: • Mass Media Exposure • Interpersonal Communication Exposure • Higher change agent contact Opinion Leader • Monomorphic • Polymorphic Characteristics: External communication, accessibility. SES, innovativeness Social Networks • Homophily vs. heterophily • Strength of weak tie Adoption Stages • Knowledge • Persuasion • Decision • Implementation • Confirmation Innovation Reaction • Adoption • Rejection • Discontinuance Adoptions Decisions optional • Individual and optional • Collective • Authority driven Adoption Consequences • Desirable vs. undesirable • Direct vs. indirect • Anticipated vs. unanticipated Innovation Characteristics • Relative advantage • Compatibility • Complexity • Trialability • Observability...
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COM 350 - • Mass Media Exposure • Interpersonal...

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