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ECE 220 Multimedia Signal Processing November 9, 2006 Fall 2006 Topics & Concepts for Exam 3 (IN-CLASS November 16 Ph 101) The following is a list of topics and concepts in the material which exam 3 will cover. This is a comprehensive listing of what we’ve done; obviously the exam cannot test everything and appearance of a concept on this sheet does not guarantee it will appear on the exam. This page outlines what you’re expected to have gotten out of the lectures, demonstrations, homeworks, and labs. The exam is cumulative — you are expected to know the material covered on the first and second exams. The Discrete Cosine Transform ( Ch. 8 handout from Oppenheim & Schafer & class lecture notes) Understanding of extending an arbitrary 1-D block-based transform to 2-D. DCT definition & an understanding of the 1-D and 2-D basis functions. Sub-topic. Connecting “cycles” shown on a monitor to cycles/degree and appropriate interpretation of the human contrast sensitivity function (CSF).
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