All animals communicate in some form

All animals communicate in some form - Infinite Creator 1...

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Infinite Creator 1 Sean Trank January 28, 2008 G. L. Forward, Ph. D Com 465 Humans the Infinite Creator All animals communicate in some form. Nonetheless, the human animal is the only species capable of articulating an infinite combination of sounds and inventing a symbol (language) system to govern their use. Throughout all human history, a historian would say, humans have evolved and adapted to new environments in order to survive, however, humans have done far more than just survived. For example what does going to the moon have to do with survival, and why do humans ever need to know how to swim? I therefore propose that the statement above is true and that humans not only adapt, but create new meaning in the pursuit of knowledge and it all starts with communication through language. Language is just one small part of communication, and even though it is one part of a much bigger whole, language may be one of the most complex things in the universe. Consider that if animals had a language, than humans would know it by now, seeing how there are 6,912 human languages in existence today. (Gordan, 2005) Some humans, like Penny Paterson, claim
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Infinite Creator 2 that an ape can learn sign language and this may be true, however, just because an animal can learn a new trick does not mean it can create its own. "For centuries humans have tried to teach animals to communicate like humans," said Michael Darre, an animal science professor at the University of Connecticut. "And now we're getting to the point where we're saying, wait a second. Why don't we learn their language instead of making them learn ours?" (Mott, 2006)
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All animals communicate in some form - Infinite Creator 1...

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