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Suburban Expansion

Suburban Expansion - Luke Etchison PLS 105 Last Current...

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Luke Etchison PLS 105 Last Current Politics Suburban Expansion In the last century there been an increasing amount of suburban expansion. Cities have been expanding their borders all over the country through suburbs. In the beginning suburbs started as ranch houses with two or three rooms, one bathroom, no garage, and on a grassless and treeless mud lot. Today suburb starter homes are not near as cheap but are better accommodated for living with garages, water systems, and paved driveways. Suburbanization leads to many negative and positive situations. Suburbanization of cities gives middle class people the opportunity to live outside the city and get away from apartments and city conditions and own there own place for a cheaper price. This does lead to some problems. Subdivisions complicate planning for highways that connect to the city. In respect to views of conservatives and liberals on the topic of expanding suburbs further and further from cities, there is a lot to discuss. In my mind there is no
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