Chapter 6

Effect of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance

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Unformatted text preview: REM sleep Sleep & Neurotransmitters: – Acetylcholine inhibits muscle movement during REM sleep ə,si:til'kəuli:n – – GABA also inhibits activity in the CNS Serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine have an important role in arousal. ⾎ࢄ清素,多巴胺 去甲肾上腺素 Effect of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance Poorer performance and underestimated the effects of sleep deprivation on their performance. Pilcher and Walters (1997) study Pilcher and Walters (1997) study Sleep Problems • Insomnia – difficulty falling or staying asleep Thoughts & emotions associated with insomnia. • Sleep Apnea – reflexive gasping for ir that awakens individual Sleep Problems acting out your dream • REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder – loss of muscle tone that usually accompanies REM sleep is absent. • Somnambulism – sleepwalking – (Stage 3 or 4 sleep) • Nightmares – anxiety arousing dreams-REM • Night Terrors – intense arousal and panic-NREM (stages 3 and 4) • Narcolepsy- Sleep problems and the cycle of sleep. Why do we sleep Why Do We Sleep? • Hypothesis 1: * Sleep helps animals to restore energy/ other bodily resources Most support, but still debated • Hypothesis 2: - "Evolutionary -Circadian Sleep Model" Immobilization during sleep is adaptive because it reduces danger. • Hypothesis 3: - Restoration Model "Memory Consolidation Theory" Sleep is essential for mental functioning. Variations in Consciousness • Consciousness and the Brain • Dreams • Meditation • Hypnosis • Coma 冥想 催眠 昏迷 • Consciousness, the brain, & drugs DREAMS – mental experiences during sleep – – – Content usually familiar (but usually rearranged) Common themes (falling, sexual, chasing) Waking life spillover -day residue (Freud) 5 THEORIES OF DREAMING 1. 2. 3. Freud's Psychodynamic theory - Dreams as wish fulfillment Activation-synthesis theory (Hobson and Mc Carly) Cognitive Problem-Solving Theory 4. Cognitive-Process Dream theories---focus more on the process of dreaming and th...
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