Chapter 6

Levels of consciousness psychodynamic perspective

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Unformatted text preview: ring others so our experience is determined by "our habits of attention". LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS …….. PSYCHODYNAMIC PERSPECTIVE CONSCIOUS MIND • thoughts, perception mental events in our awareness PRECONSCIOUS MIND • outside of current awareness, but easily recalled UNCONSCIOUS MIND • normally can't be brought into awareness LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS …….. PSYCHODYNAMIC PERSPECTIVE COMPONENTS OF PERSONALITY ID – • instinctual sexual and aggressive drives unconscious EGO – mediating between ID & Supereg • conscious (and preconscious) SUPEREGO – internalized morals • Conscious (and Preconscious) LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS …….. CARL JUNG similar to preconscious shared by all humans it is developed thr revolu THE EVOLUTION OF CONCIOUSNESS “Cosmic Consciousness” “ ” The psychogenesis of man * Human consciousness is evolving Stages of evolution 1. Simple consciousness - awareness of one's environment - awareness of oneself as separate and unique unique to humans *by age 3-4 shared with lower animals *few days after birth 2. Self consciousness 3. Cosmic consciousness - sense of immortality and awareness of all life *currently few individuals reach this level even as adults Richard Bucke LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS …….. COGNITIVE PERSPECTIVE • View conscious and unconscious as • “CONSCIOUS” - controlled effortful porcessing • “UNCONSCIOUS” - automatic processing • biological processes • well-learned tasks complimentary forms of information processing MEASURING CONSCIOUSNESS ... • Self-Report describe inner feelings * Not always verifiable. • Physiological Measures. – Establish correspondence between bodily states and mental processes • Behavioural - performance on special tasks – E.g. “Rouge Test” used in infancts champ-- The Electroencephalograph: A Physiological Index of Consciousness Physiological Measures. • EEG – monitoring of brain electrical activity • Brain-waves – Amplitude (height) Frequency ( cycles per second) – • vary during different phases of sleep. EEG PATTERNS & STATES OF CONSCIOU...
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