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Luke Etchison PLS 105 PLS 105 Final Exam (Fall 2007) Section 3 This is a take home exam. You will have until Monday, December 17, at 11:00 am, to turn in two essays, each of 2 to 4 printed pages in length. Late essays will not be accepted . Please turn in the essays at my office, Bradley Hall 486. Do not send me the essays by e-mail . If I am not in the office, you may leave the essays under my door, or you may leave them with the department secretary (Mrs. Lundy) in Br 445. Please clearly identify the items to which you are responding. Staple the entire exam together with one staple. In order to insure anonymity in the grading process, please write your name only on the back of the last page that you turn in. Please respond to two of the following: (50 points each) 1. How does the existence of a large national debt limit the options that are available for our federal government to respond to demands for policy action? Please use at least three illustrative examples to strengthen your argument. 4. It might be said that the bureaucracy actually determines the meaning of justice to individuals in
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