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MUIN 372a Final Review Session

MUIN 372a Final Review Session - MUIN 372a Final Review...

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MUIN 372a Final Review Session: 12/10/07 @ 4:00 p.m.- I. TOPICS/TERMS to study for MULTIPLE CHOICE: (65-70 questions) Fair use—study general tests for fair use (copyright topic) Artist vs. writer—who do they interact with (record companies), and how do they get paid? Packaging and free goods deductions PPD (published price to dealer)—the label’s distributor’s wholesale, advertised (published) price to the retailer. Radio—what department in a record company talks to them? Answer: promotions department (in-house), or label will hire an independent promotions firm to do the same job o The “number 1 way” to promote a record @ this time, for the purposes of this class, is via radio promo from labels’ promotions department. Co-op advertising and cross-promotional advertising f/s/o= “Furnishes the services of” Copyright: Statute of Anne / later 20 th century copyright acts, including: o First act in USA—1790: term is 14 years + 14 more (if author chooses to renew) o 1909 Act: term changed to 28 years + 28 (max = 56, again, only IF owner renews). This act adds mechanical royalties to copyright law.
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