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Unformatted text preview: ld.fortunecity.com/hummingbird/285/tara25sep98.jpg http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images11/EggsFresh.jpg Incubation period Incubation Any deviation will result in a dead chick Chicken – 21 days Turkey – 28 days http://www.agrabilityproject.org/images/clip_image004.jpg http://www.dpsk12.org/manilaImages/schmitt/hatch3.jpg http://www.monkeyview.net/id/308/exploratorium/ckenembryo01.jpg Applied Animal Science what you have learned, applied to production Dairy Industry Dairy In trouble Heavily subsidized Family operation Family corporate owned corporate 150 cows 3,000 cows 150 2 x / day milking day around-the-clock milking around-the-clock Respected product – Respected “nature’s most perfect food” food” htt...
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