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Unformatted text preview: g16.jpg DNA DNA When many When nucleotides bond strand of DNA strand Two strands wind Two together to form double helix of a DNA molecule DNA ttp:// DNA DNA 4 bases = (A) adenine (A) (T) thymine (T) (G) guanine (G) (C) cytosine (C) Always A to T & C to G C G T A make up the genetic code genetic DNA DNA Any change in the base Any pair (G-C), (A-T) can cause a mutation or disease disease What you are is What determined by the sequence of nucleotides in your DNA in You have thousands & You thousands of genes thousands Genetics Today Genetics Human Genome Human Project – completed 2003 2003 Mapped out human Mapped genome genome Location of every Location gene on the 46 chromosomes chromosomes
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