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Brian J. Adams Amer Pres In Neustadt’s book, Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents , he presents a five step plan to ensure that a presidents order is followed. First, the presidents involvement must be unambiguous. His actual order must also be unambiguous. Next, the order must be widely publicized. Third, the men who received it had control of everything needed to carry it out. They also must not have any doubt in the authority of the president. Without any of these five steps, it appears to Neustadt that the presidential order will be doomed to fail. Any order, in fact, is doomed to fail without all five steps, despite whether issued by the president or an authority figure. When applying this idea to the current Bush presidency, one truly needs to take a step back to understand the circumstances surrounding it. Obviously 9/11 put the president in one of the more unique situations in modern time. However, that free pass has quickly warn off, and the American people are more quick to judge. First, we need to decide of Bush actually passed Neustadt’s five step rule. No one
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