lecture 7 Power, Transmission_v.2

constraints a19 b 35 l16 500 1500 two problems

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Unformatted text preview: 24.3, q = 933 500 1500 With 400 MW capacity, and PTR, and compeTTve markets, bi- lateral trade at one price, ..... Constraints πa=19, πb= 35, πl=16 500 1500 Two Problems with the Analysis •  Electricity (Laws of Physics) –  Kirchoff’s Laws •  Sum of currents entering node = sum coming out •  Sum of voltage drops around a closed loop = 0. –  Sum of V drop on parallel lines are equal. •  Market Power (Laws of Economics) –  A monopoly will restrict output to raise profits. Power flows and Kirchoff’s Laws za P1 I1 P2 I2 zb •  P = I V •  (Current) sum of current into a node = sum of current out of a node. I1 = Ia + Ib •  (Voltage) power drop in a loop = 0. (Voltage drops on parallel paths are equal.)...
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