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lecture 7 Power, Transmission_v.2

Reducing i gross cost is a increasing local ost is

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Unformatted text preview: rved to Shmuel Oren Quantity Alternative Measures of Congestion Cost and Corresponding Settlements location 1 Export location 2 Import Redispatch Social cost Incremental cost P2 A P* P1 Congestion rent November 4, 2005 Export supply function at location 1 E B Congestion Relief payment C D Flow limit Unconstrained Optimal export Congestion relief cost Avoided cost function at location 2 Export Quantity All rights reserved to Shmuel Oren ! There are several metrics that measure the cost of congestion between two nodes. CongesTon Relief: the triangle ABC measures ransmission and generation ongesTon, In the above figure “Since the ISO owns t the true out of merit causes c cost due to the limited he the costs to m In a regulated system this enerators” they should pay ttransmission capacity.anage it and not the gout of merit part of the energy cost customers. generation cost was if generators and loads and spread acrosstransactionsIn a deregulated system enter into bilateral without Schedule attention to congestion they willnd pay P*go all the way to the crossing unconstrained opTmal a attempt to . paying point of the red line representing avoided generation cost at the import node and the green line representing the supply Then buy bwill violaterom 2 at P2 function atnts so DB systemSuch a schedule, ack AE f the transmissionnd sell back the tnode.at P1 will request a const...
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