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Anth 101 Final Review - Anth 101 Final Review 1 What is...

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Anth 101 Final Review 1.  What is culture and how does culture change? a.  Representations and power in action, in social relationships, about resources, over time b.  Contradictions of core values = friction c.  Pluralism and Hegemony (conformity, resistance, invention, resilience, revival, acculturation,  enculturation, alienation) Pluralism (pluralistic society) : one in which multiple cultures co-exist side by side Hegemony : the domination of one state over its allies Conformity : acting according to certain accepted standards Resistance : the action of opposing something you disapprove or disagree with Invention : the creation of something in the mind Resilience : an occurrence of rebounding or springing back Revival : the coming again into activity and prominence  Acculturation when different cultures interact – selectively taking on elements of each other (give/ take) Enculturation lifelong process of socialization into one’s culture Alienation complete acculturation, loss of original culture or ability to switch d.  Contact between groups with different power (cultural exchange as partial, conflicted, contested,  selective, forced change as two groups come in contact with each other) e.  Political Economy: Macro forces – political, economic, and social forces over time 2.  The challenges and possibilities of doing ethnography a.  Asking and Listening
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  • i. ii. iii., certain accepted standards, a. Culture Change, historical perspective vii., senses Insider perspective

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