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f wte 4-5 - Krista Sachse 4/5/08 Writing The Essay...

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Krista Sachse Writing The Essay 4/5/08 Professor Victoria Olsen Progression #3: Your Writer “Household Words,” p. 202-203: But we manage, those of us who are lucky enough, to walk on by. We live with pronounced class difference in a nation that was founded on the ideal of classlessness, and we do it by believing in a comforting mythology of genesis that is as basic to our nation as the flag and the pledge of allegiance. Here are some of our favorite fuzzy-blanket myths: 1. Anybody in America who is clever and hardworking can make it in America. 2. Homeless people are that was for some good reason. They chose it, or they’re criminals or alcoholics or crazy, but whatever went wrong, it’s their fault. It couldn’t happen to me because I’m clever, sane, and hardworking. 3. Or maybe it isn’t entirely their fault. But the problem of poverty is so complex that it’s impossible to fix. As a professional storyteller, I take myths personally. I take it as part of my job to examine the stories that hold us together as a society and that we rely on to maintain our identity. These particular myths about poverty are probably some of the most useful tales that create our personal persona. I also think they’re individually destructive and frankly untrue, and, oh, yes, they kill people. Finally, this mythology is omnipresent, embedded to some degree in virtually every heart-healthy, wealthy, and otherwise-that beats within this union. Rich people may believe it and relax; poor people may believe it and become paralyzed
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f wte 4-5 - Krista Sachse 4/5/08 Writing The Essay...

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