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Following the grumpy cat on instagram was the best

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Unformatted text preview: gKass [email protected] $TWTR. good profitable day Doug. $TWTR. 8 wugubob See on a good profitable day Congrats on a da_in_nm RT @Earth_Pics: Happy $TWTR day everyone http://t.co/Cg4KUnuaoB everyone http://t.co/Cg4KUnuaoB 9 da_in_nm RT @Earth_Pics: Happy $TWTR day cheyennek Holy smokes $twtr 10 cheyennek Holy smokes $twtr 5thWave_tcronin See ConversationWow MT: See ConversationWow MT: @eschulze9: Here's how $TWTR valuation comparesabout same size as $GIS and $DE http://t.co/ihSSlAJ4pk $DE http://t.co/ihSSlAJ4pk 16 5thWave_tcronin @eschulze9: Here's how $TWTR valuation compares to other major companies; to other major companies; about same size as $GIS and RobbieSparno RT @WSJ: Twitter's 73% opening @WSJ: 6th-biggest on opening gain is listed IPOs thatrecord for U.S. listed IPOs that raised more than $500 million. http://t.co/kon6pdTE4… 13 RobbieSparno RT gain is Twitter's 73% record for U.S. 6th-biggest on raised more than $500 million. http://t.co/kon6pdTE4… remoq...
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