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Unformatted text preview: ot $TWTR at $26 #dreams I gotat $46 #TwitterIPO flipped it at $46 #TwitterIPO 14 A_Karunaratne See [email protected]_j_bell In my and flipped it $TWTR at $26 and daithaigilbert RT @tim: daithaigilbert downgraded already: Brian Wieser of Pivotal already: Brian Wieser of PivotalaResearch, who previously - $30 pricerating, now says Sell - $30 price tar… 15 $TWTR getting RT @tim: $TWTR getting downgraded Research, who previously had buy rating, now says Sell had a buy tar… imcgee RT @adamnash: If you are wondering exactly how IPOs like $TWTR price, this post how IPOs like $TWTR price, [email protected] at @Wealthfront explains. http://t.co/fT3NRYY… 7 imcgee RT @adamnash: If you are wondering exactly by @arachleff at @Wealthfront post by http://t.co/fT3NRYY… WahyuZoneLove RT14 WahyuZoneLove hashtag today: #TwitterIPO hashtag today: #TwitterIPO Check it#TWTR $TWTR. Congrats to the @twitter team! http://t…the @twitter team! http://t… @tagboard: Trending RT @tagboard: Trending...
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