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Now i got 628 and my s weak now lydiakhira

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Unformatted text preview: I got 628 and my s*** weak now.” @lydia_khira @ciara_clayton @popt4rtpoppy_ TELL HER I SAID HELLO AND THAT THE DRAWING OF A FACE SHE PUT ON instagram WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Justin I just love you so much. Your caption on instagram was amazing! RT @tvandegevel57: instagram is way better then twitter RT @austingower: instagram is the worst invention. Go to zoom in forgetting it doesn't zoom so you look like a weirdo liking weird pictures of people lol. @_marthaaxo waahh instagram was boring so I decided to tweet you haha Food on #instagram is the worst when you're hungry instagram is way better than Facebook!! Jesse and Nate's argument about instagram was awesome #toofunny what @TomDaley1994 did for april fools on instagram was am in #IPO http://on.mktw.net/192otG0 via @MarketWatch 11 AriWorld88 The Demand is stock soars 80% in #IPO http://on.mktw.net/192otG0 via @MarketWatch _TheLouieA RT @Forbes: Twitter opens at $45.10, stock pops 73% in NYSE debut http://onforb.es/1iPky4S $TWTR http://onforb.es...
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