Instagram was fun until hood rats got it just like

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Unformatted text preview: /1iPky4S $TWTR #TwitterIPO 11 _TheLouieA RT @Forbes: Twitter opens at $45.10, stock pops 73% in NYSE debut #TwitterIPO JerrodHowlett RT @ValaAfshar: FAST $TWTR FACTS: *Stock opens $TWTR*UP 73% *Stock opens $45.10 *UP 73% *Twitter value,337 firms on S&P *Bigger than 337 firms on S&P 500 14 JerrodHowlett RT @ValaAfshar: FAST $45.10 FACTS: *Twitter value, about $33Billion *Bigger than about $33Billion 500 clairedwillett RT @nanexllc: 1-second trade rate in $TWTR at 10:52 was 2ndrate in $TWTR$FB IPO (chart 5) 15 clairedwillett RT @nanexllc: 1-second trade highest since at 10:52 was 2nd highest since $FB IPO (chart 5) T0PFLIGHTBRUCE 15 T0PFLIGHTBRUCE$32B @CNBC: makes it biggervaluation makes it bigger than 337 companies in theRalph500, 2x the sizethe Ralph Lauren and 3x the size of Tiffan… RT @CNBC: Twitter's RT valuation Twitter's $32B than 337 companies in the S&P 500, 2x the size of S&P Lauren and 3x of size of Tiffan… drew RT @jack: A thank you and [email protected]: A thank you and congratulations to @dickc, @mgupta, @vijaya, @gabrielstricker, and the @twitter team! $TW...
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