Question 1 similar to the baking problem question 2

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Unformatted text preview: the first inequality x5 is the slack variable for the second inequality 18 / 19 Homework 1 Hints! ￿ Question 1: Similar to the baking problem ￿ Question 2: Covered in lecture on Tuesday ￿ Question 3a: Similar to the baking problem ￿ Question 3b: Tune in next week for a tutorial on using LP solver tools by Ryan! ￿ Question 4a: Similar to the baking problem ￿ Question 4b: Only one of these can be written as an LP. Remember that the trick to making an LP is often to add variables - where would it make sense to add variable(s)? ￿ Question 5: To solve by observation, step back from the equations you wrote and think about what you’re trying to do. What’s the cheapest way to make sure you have at least enough inventory every month? (Assume that the company’s demand forecasts are correct.) 19 / 19...
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