if earth did not tilt on its axis there would be no

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Unformatted text preview: e is tilted toward the Sun, faces the Sun most directly, and receives the largest amount of solar radiation per unit area. !  If Earth did not tilt on its axis, there would be no seasons!!! Physical Features Have Regional Effects on Climate !  The presence of mountain ranges tends to produce extremes in precipitation. !  In the rain shadow effect, winds from the ocean cool and drop precipitation on one side of a mountain range and not on the other side, creating high deserts. !  The presence of an ocean has a moderating influence on temperature because water has a very high specific heat, or capacity for storing energy. Why Are Organisms Found Where They Are? !  Biogeography is the study of how organisms are distributed geographically. !  Phylogeography is the study of the historical processes that may be responsible for the contemporary geographic distributions of individuals. What scientific tools are used? !  Interactions with the abiotic and biotic environments affect where a particular species lives. Abiotic Factors !  The range, or geographical distribution, of every species on Earth is limited―no organism can live everywhere. !  Because of fitness trade-offs, organisms tend to be adapted to a limit...
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