weather consists of specific short term atmospheric

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Unformatted text preview: her conditions found in an area. !  Weather consists of specific short-term atmospheric conditions. focus: temperate and tropical wet forest !  Climate and weather consist of temperature, moisture, sunlight, and wind. main focus Types of Terrestrial Ecosystems !  The nature of the biome that develops in a particular region is governed by: !  The average annual temperature and precipitation. !  The annual variation in temperature and precipitation. !  Temperature and moisture influence net primary productivity (NPP)— the total amount of carbon that is fixed per year minus the amount of fixed carbon oxidized during cellular respiration. in a tropical rainforest, not very much rain to spports Types of Terrestrial Ecosystems !  NPP represents the organic matter that is available as food for other organisms. !  In terrestrial environments NPP is often estimated by measuring aboveground biomass, the total mass of living plants, excluding roots. !  On land, photosynthesis and plant growth are maximized when temperatures are warm and conditions are wet; conversely, photosynthesis cannot occur efficiently at low temperatures or under drought stress. Tropical Wet Forests (Rain forests) ideal !  Favorable year-round growing conditions produce very abundant plant...
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