Primary priority is to yeat and temperate forests

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Unformatted text preview: r than that of forest communities, grassland soils are often highly fertile. primary priority is to yeat and Temperate Forests !  Compared with grassland climates, precipitation is moderately high and relatively constant throughout less productive than tropical formetsb u the year. !  These forests are dominated by deciduous trees. !  Most temperate forests have productivity levels that are lower than those of tropical forests but higher than those of deserts and grasslands. The level of diversity is also moderate. Boreal Forests !  The boreal forest, or taiga, forms on subarctic lands just south of the Arctic Circle. !  Boreal forests are dominated by highly cold-tolerant conifers. !  The productivity of boreal forests is low, but aboveground biomass is high because slow-growing tree species may be long-lived and gradually accumulate large standing biomass. !  Boreal forests also have exceptionally low species diversity. Arctic Tundra !  The arctic tundra is found throughout the arctic regions where land is not covered in ice. !  Most tundra soils are in the perennially frozen state known as permafrost. !  Dominated by small woody shrubs, lichens, and he...
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