Lect17 -- Solar

50 per watt and falling installed cost is 5w so a 3kw

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Unformatted text preview: Cost (adjust with tax rebates) Land use Not constant supply Solar Energy Efficiencies Solar heating cells 50-74% Photovoltaic cells 11-15% Plant Photosynthesis 3-5% The costs of solar PV Solar PV is usually priced in dollars per peak Watt •  means full-sun max capacity: how fast can it produce energy •  panels cost $2.50 per Watt (and falling), installed cost is ~$5/W •  so a 3kW residential system is $15,000 •  state rebates and federal tax incentives can reduce cost substantially (< $10,000) To get price per kWh, need to figure in exposure •  4–6 hours per day full sun equivalent: 3kW system produces ~15 kWh per day, or 5475 kWh per year •  if system lasts 25 years: 137,000kWh •  cost: $15,000/137,000kWh ~ $0.11/kWh •  Electricity cost in CA: $0.13/kWh Solar PV should pay for itself… The costs of concentrating solar thermal plants Becoming cost-competitive with fossil fuel alternatives Cost Evolution 1983: 13.8 MW plant cost $6 per peak Watt 25% efficient about 25 cents per kWh 1991: plant cost $3 per peak Watt 8 cents per kWh 1996: Solar One in Nevada cost $266 million produced 75 MW in full sun, ~134 million kWh/year so about $3.50 per peak Watt 10 cents/kWh over 20 years California dominates world for CSP (currently 354 MW) now U.S. has 1000 MW capacity; 500 MW in Spain A big problem: Storage The Sun is not always up Consumers expect energy availability at all times Wider use...
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