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Org solar two unit 10 mw near barstow ca built as a

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Unformatted text preview: hen heat is needed (store heat?) Orientation of roof (south facing?) High installation cost Need to keep panels clean, ice free Appearance (cosmetics) Solar thermal electricity plants photo from wikipedia.org •  Solar Two Unit (10 MW), near Barstow, CA •  Built as a demo plant by LADWP, So Cal Edison, and DOE •  Mirrors focus light on tower, which has molten salt (60% NaNO3, 40% KNO3) to store heat. •  Heated salt used for steam turbine •  Ran 1996-99 as a prototype, then decommissioned How concentrated solar plants work Ivanpah solar plant (between Barstow and Las Vegas) photo from wikipedia.org •  Commercial plant with planned 392 MW capacity •  Operated by BrightSource, Bechtel, and NRG, with DOE loans •  Unit 1 went online end of September 2013 How can we harness solar energy? 1.  Capture and use for solar energy for heating •  Solar panel heaters for homes (usually small scale) •  Concentrating solar power (typically for larger plants) 2.  Use for Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Cells to generate elec...
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