Lect14 -- Nuclear Principles

Southern californias former nuclear plant 10 miles

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Unformatted text preview: engine: •  heat used to boil water •  steam turns a turbine, which turns a generator to make electricity •  Carnot efficiency: ε = (Th - Tc)/Th Can maintain hot source for over 1 year without changing fuel rods! Southern California’s (former) nuclear plant 10 miles south of San Clemente, easily visible from I-5 on drive to San Diego 2 reactors brought online in 1983, 1984 1.1 GW each; PWR type No cooling towers: it’s got the ocean for that California has 74 GW electricity generating capacity Produces 23 GW on average (198,000 GWh/yr) Offline since January 2012 due to premature wear in steam tubes installed 2010, 2011 Other kinds of nuclear reactor design Nuclear power plants in commercial operation Reactor Type Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Gas-cooled Reactor (Magnox & AGR) Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor "CANDU" (PHWR) Light Water Graphite Reactor (RBMK) Fast Neutron Reactor (FBR) other Main Countries US, France, Japan, Russia US, Japan, Sweden UK...
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