Lect14 -- Nuclear Principles

Ppt fission bombs atomic bomb separate two sub

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Unformatted text preview: f 235U!! Fission chain reaction Fission creates neutrons that cause more fission! So with enough 235U to intercept neutrons à༎ explosive chain reaction... www.bio.miami.edu/beck/esc101/Chapter14&15.ppt Fission Bombs Atomic bomb: separate two sub-critical masses; put them next to each other quickly when you want them to explode! (need ~15kg 235U) Fission Bombs More countries don’t have fission weapons because of the challenges of getting ~15kg 235U But how do we take enriched U and get power without getting an explosion? www.bio.miami.edu/beck/esc101/Chapter14&15.ppt Controlling the fission reaction for nuclear power reactors cstl-cst.semo.edu/bornstein/BS105/ Energy%20Use%20-%203.ppt Reactors use control rods to regulate fission reaction Fuel rods: packed with U fuel (usually as UO2) Control rods: neutronabsorbing material that prevents a chain reaction Coolant fluid (often water): transports heat away from fuel rods to prevent overheating Controls Rods Adjusting vertical position of rods increases or decreases neutron absorption Target one excess neutron per fission to sustain reaction Spring 2013 Emergency action is to drop all control rods at once to stop reaction Fuel rods Pack UO2 fuel into small pellets Pack into long fuel rods Assemble together to drop into reactor core Fuel rod assembly in action A pressurized water nuclear reactor A pressurized water nuclear reactor (“PWR”) Nuclear fission is heat source to run a heat...
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