Lect2 -- Energy Transformation

Energyconversiondevices kinetictoelectrical elecrical

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Unformatted text preview: re measured using the absolute (Kelvin) temperature scale. www.myrefrigerator.info Examples of Heat Engine Efficiency A steam turbine takes in steam at 400 oK (127 oC) and exhausts water at 300 oK (27oC or 80oF). Maximum Efficiency = 400 − 300 1 = 400 4 This is why steam turbines are often operated using superheated steam, say at 600 oK. In this case, the maximum efficiency is doubled! Maximum Efficiency = 600 − 300 1 = 600 2 Pop Quiz #2 1) What is the First Law of Thermodynamics? Energy Conversion Devi...
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