G eg for a hash function with 64 bit output m264 it

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Unformatted text preview: ind a collision, e.g. e.g. For, a hash function with 64-bit output, m=264 => it only takes about √ m = 232 tries to find a pair of inputs which will produce the same hash output, i.e. a collision which Forgery Has the same Hash Birthday Attack on Message Digest K E Compare ? Using CBC-residue as Message Authentication Code Birthday Attacks Birthday attack can proceed as follows: opponent generates 232 variations of a valid message, all with essentially the same meaning ; this is “doable” given current technology. current opponent also generates 232 variations of a desired fraudulent message fraudulent two sets of messages are compared to find a pair with two same hash output (by argument similar to the Birthday paradox, this probability > 0.5) paradox, have user sign the valid message, but sent the forgery have message which will have a valid message digest message Conclusion is that we need to use longer MACs Conclusion longer 32 BTW, how can we generate 2 variations of a letter carrying the sa...
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