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lab5 Newton 2nd law

lab5 Newton 2nd law - will increase if the opposite the...

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3. If the air track were not level the experiment would be affected because now gravity would also take affect on the mass of the slider in the direction that the track is slanted towards. The gravity taking affect on the slider would cause the acceleration of the slider to increase or decrease depending on the direction of the slant, if slanted towards the hanging weight the acceleration
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Unformatted text preview: will increase if the opposite the slider will have a lower acceleration if any at all. 4. acceleration of Porsche = 60miles/h x 1h/3600s / 5s = .003 miles/s 2 = 540cm/s 2 Glider mass= 550g=M 2 a=M 2 /M 1 +M 2 x g M 2 =M 1 x a/g - a = 550g x 540cm/s 2 /980cm/s 2 - 540cm/s 2 = 675g...
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