1z0 tool quill moves to extreme top position and

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Unformatted text preview: ol quill moves to extreme top position and assign Z=0 (home Z position) N060 O1 N070 H1 H0X0Y0 M6 T1 O1 H1 Tool moves to machine home position. See Figure1 Instruction for tool change Change tool to tool no. 1 (10mm dia. rough end mill) Get tool height offset from tool data table for tool T1. Tool moves to fixture offset position as in Figure 2, but quill up at Z=0 level. N080 X-35Y0 X-35Y0 Tool moves left to the circle periphery at point S (-35,0) E2 - 4 with reference to SP (0,0) N90 G42G94 G42 G94 N100 G0Z2 Z2 Tool moves down but stops 2mm above top surface of workpiece N110 M3S1000 M3 S1000 G4 G1 Z-3 N120 G4F2 N130 G1Z-3F250 F250 Cutter Diameter Compensation (CDC) left side. Feed rate in mm/minut...
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