F900 feed rate 900 mmmin various stages of tool

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Unformatted text preview: Various stages of tool movements to complete the circular path. E2 - 6 N150 Z2 Z2 Tool retreat in Z direction at position Z=2. N160 G40G0 G40 CDC off N170 G98.1Z0 G98.1Z0 Tool quill moves to extreme top position and assign Z=0 N180 H0X0Y0 H0X0Y0 Tool moves to machine home position E2 - 7 N190 M2 Scrap M2 End of program and program rewind Finished Part E2 - 8 4) G-code Program – Compact form :0002 N010 G0G90G71G40G17 N020 O0 N030 G98.1Z0 N040 H0X0Y0 N050 T1M6 N060 O1 N070 H1 N080 X-35Y0 N090 G42G94 N100 G0Z2 N110 M3S1000 N120 G4F2 N130 G1Z-3F250 N140 G3X-35Y0I0J0F900 N150 Z2 N160 G40G0 N170 G98.1Z0 N180 H0X0Y0 N190 M2 E2 - 9...
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