Feed rate in mmminutes spindle start in clockwise

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Unformatted text preview: es Spindle start in clockwise direction (CW) with 1000 rpm cutting speed Dwell for 2 seconds (F2) Linear interpolation Tool moves down 3mm inside the workpiece and cut a hole of 10mm diameter. Note the hole is offset by tool radius (5mm) from the periphery of circle. Feed rate 250 mm/min E2 - 5 N140 G3X-35Y0I0J0F900 Tool moves from point S (-35,0) to point E (-35,0) in counter-clock direction (G3) to accomplish the complete circle, which has a center at SP (I=0, the X-coordinate of circle center and J=0, the Y coordinate of circle center). F900 Feed rate 900 mm/min...
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