Sp 2 coordinates for tool movements points sp s e x

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Unformatted text preview: ngly. SP 2) Coordinates for tool movements Points SP S E X 0.0 -35.0 -35.0 Y 0.0 0.0 0.0 E S E2 - 3 3) CNC Program G-code Format Instruction Block :0002 N010 G0G90G71G40G17 N020 O0 N030 G98.1Z0 N040 H0X0Y0 N050 T1M6 Explanation : Start of Program or rewind stop 0002 Program number N010 Block sequence number which is 010 for this block G0 Rapid Traverse linear G90 Absolute dimension input G71 Dimensions in millimeters G40 Cutter Diameter Compensation (CDC) off G17 XY plane select O0 All previous tool height offset cancel or resets G98.1Z0 To...
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