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A the least squares solutions of a linear system ax b

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Unformatted text preview: minology. AT Ax = AT b is called the normal equation. C EDRIC C HAUVE , FALL 2013 7 MATH 895-4 Fall 2010 Course Schedule f a cu lty of science d epa r tm ent of m athema tic s Week Date Sections Part/ References Topic/Sections MATH 232 S ECTION #7.8 Notes/Speaker from ˆ Proof. (a) FS2009 we are given a vector b and we would like to find x such that So 1 Sept 7 I.1, I.2, I.3 Symbolic methods Combinatorial ˆ ||b − Ax|| is minimized. Structures 2 14 I.4, I.5, I.6 3 21 II.1, II.2, II.3 FS: Part A.1, A.2 Comtet74 Handout #1 (self study) Unlabelled structures Labelled structures I If4 we see ||bII.6 Ax|| as a distance from b, we would like to find a subspace W − 28 II.4, II.5, Labelled structures II n of5 R Octsuch III.2 that Combinatorial Combinatorial 5 III.1, Asst #1 Due parameters FS A.III (self-study) Parameters • 12 x is the projection ofMultivariable GFsW and A ˆ IV.1, IV.2 b onto 7 Analytic Methods • 19 x is in thatPart B: IV, V, VI Complex Analysis x ∈ Rn , A IV.3, IV.4 subspace for every FS: 6...
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