Lab M 2 Free fall

Lab M 2 Free fall - IV Data a See Data tables for...

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Experiment M 2 Free fall Eric Peckham Partners: Greg Haack Joel Jueckstock TA: Y. He Phy. 158 Section 10
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I. Objectives. a. To test the Kinematical equations of free fall and to measure the acceleration due to gravity. II. Procedure. a. This experiment was done by dropping a ball five times at six different heights recording the time that it took to fall. Then we dropped a larger more massive ball from the same height that we dropped the smaller ball the sixth time. III. Questions. a. If the distance was off by a constant in either direction it would not throw the experiment off because the trend line created in excel would still have the same slope but the y-intercept would be different. Since we do not deal with the intercept the experiment would not be off in its values.
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Data a. See Data tables for experiment M2 b. Yes it does look like the departures in the graph are caused by possible errors in the experiment because the room for error in this experiment is small the departures are also small. c. Yes the line does come close to going through the origin but if it had not, errors in measurement would be the only cause to this error because there are no other places to mess up. d. The difference between the big ball and the small ball according to this experiment is .001 seconds which isn’t really enough to say there is a difference, there fore there is no change in time in comparison to mass of the object....
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Lab M 2 Free fall - IV Data a See Data tables for...

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