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Exam #2 Organic Chemistry 210-2 Winter 2005 Name: ___________________ (Please Print) 100 Points ID: ___________________ The exam starts at 9:00 and will finish at 9:50 without exception. You may use your models or calculator if your feel it is necessary. There is scrap paper available at the front of the room. Please do not place any answers on the scrap paper since this may be lost prior to, or during, grading. GOOD LUCK!!! Question # Points 1 _______ 2 _______ 3 _______ 4 _______ 5 _______ Total ____
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Exam #2 Organic Chemistry 210-2 Winter 2005 Initials: _______ Page 1 1. (15 Points) In each of the following structures determine if the molecule drawn is aromatic, non-aromatic or anti-aromatic. In cases that fall into the latter two categories indicate if an aromatic tautomers or resonance structures exist. N H N H O P H 2. (10 Points) Anthracene reacts with the dieneophile maleic anhydride at 100 o C in less than 15 min (reaction 1). Naphthalene on the other hand (reaction 2) reacts with the same maleic anhydride only when heated to temperatures in excess of 140 o C, under extreme pressure (something like 10 atmospheres) and only after more than 15 hours.
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Copy_of_Exam__2_Winter_2005 - Exam#2 Organic Chemistry...

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