Civil Disobedience Midterm

Civil Disobedience Midterm - - does not want to be part of...

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2000 – 1400 B.C. - Minoans (Cretans) - Semitic (origins to the Hebrew language) 1400 B.C. - Mycenaean (Hellenes) - 1400 – 1000 B.C.: Mycenaean dominate power over Minoans - Aristocratic Society - order is privileged above all adults - Patriarchal Society - male centered / controlling women - Filiopietistic Society - worship of the family name - Organic Society - all elements are tied to together 750 – 500 B.C. - Ancient Greeks - Citizened Women - wife brought with her a diary to marriage - Peaked in the 5 th Century (The Golden Age) 499 – - Greek Civilization - The Greatness of Athens - democratic (speaks for all) - human nature (people are envious and jealous by nature) - 481 B.C. – 470 B.C. - Athens / Sparta feared invasion of Persia - Hellenic League - Athens and Sparta form - Peloponnesian League - Sparta withdraws to form - Megara
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Unformatted text preview: - does not want to be part of Sparta city states- Delian League- Athens forms- imposed tax on the city-states- 431 404 B.C. The Peloponnesian War- Athens vs. Sparta- End of War: Athens lost empire, temporarily abandoned democracy - The Nomos Physis Crisis- Nomos- the nature of justice- the relation between justice and written law- Physis- nature- how things are naturally- Sophists- teachers that explored argument / debate- regards to religion- Are Gods natural or are they imposed by humans to create law?- regards to political organization- Do states come into being by divine ordinance (authority) or artificially human created- Sides on Nomos Physis- Nomos over Physis- Society is ruled by fundamental creation theory- people existed in a primeval state (paradise)- human beings evolved from inanimate matter...
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Civil Disobedience Midterm - - does not want to be part of...

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