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Comp Pol Midterm Answers - 1 2 Coming to power in the...

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1) Coming to power in the England in 1979, Margaret Thatcher showed her power and commitment to her new post with regain the Falkland Islands. She also put forth her vision of Thatcherism, which was alternative to typical British politics. Thatcherism promoted commitment to family, individual responsibility, frugality, and a commitment to entrepreneurship. Furthermore, she was able to cut taxes, reduced many social services and increased competitiveness and efficiency in the private sector of business. Lastly, Thatcher was against joining the European Union. When Tony Blair became leader, he had a totally different vision for the economic system. Thatcher’s actions did not dramatically affect Blair’s ideas. He introduced the “Third Way,” which rejected the idea of interest based politics. Blair also showed plans for reforms in social, economic, and social problems. Furthermore, Blair took on changes for the constitution such as to revitalize
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