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Therefore it is not unusual to arrive at the answer

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Unformatted text preview: of the board was used, the main thing is that the suspending ropes must be not conducting: suspend him with wires – and there will be no sparks whatsoever! TRUE FALSE NEI 13. Neither the material of the board nor the materials of the suspensions are of any importance: the main thing is whether the hook, which holds everything, was grounded: ground the hook – and the public will be disappointed, because there would be no sparks no matter what the experimentalists did. TRUE FALSE NEI 14. If everything were made of cotton – all of their clothes and footwear, the ball, the board (or hammock) and the suspending ropes, the carpet, etc., there would be no sparks whatsoever. TRUE FALSE NEI 15. If, instead of a lady’s finger, the gentleman would bring his nose near a modern circuit board with MOSFETs, etc., this could cause irreparable damage to some of the electronic components. TRUE FALSE NEI If you have comments on any of these questions please write them below: © 2013 Alexander Ganago Page 4 of 5 Last printed 2013- 09- 05 11:39 AM File: 2013 F...
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