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Research 1 - Citations Review

Research 1 - Citations Review - but the festival of the...

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Alex “Lexie” Picker January 15, 2008 THE 150- Research #1 I. Book - Theatre in Ancient Greek Society by J.R. Green [Call Number: PA3201.G72 2007] Direct quote: “The debt of the Romans to Greek culture was a complex one, and it had in fact been accumulating sine as early as the eighth century BC when we first find imported Greek pottery at the site of Rome. Nevertheless the level of awareness of Greek literary and material culture rose sharply with the expansion of Rome’s political and military power in the early part of the third century BC. Thus the Roman theatre-building of Latium ad Campania are constructed in a direct tradition from such buildings as the late-fourth century theatre at the Greek colony of Metapno in South Italy.” 1 Bibliographic Reference: Green, J.R. Theatre In Ancient Greek Society. London: Routledge, 1994. II. Scholarly Journal - “Social Memory and Ancient Greek Theatres” by Vassiliki Lalioti Direct quote: “Ancient Greek drama festivals take place in many ancient theatres around the country,
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Unformatted text preview: but the festival of the ancient theatre of Epidavros is the most prominent of them. More than any other, Epidavros has the advantage of offering distinction, or casting discredit, on performances and artists. We will concentrate on this theatre in the course of our analysis because here the theatrical events, indicative of current conceptions, interpretations, and reconstructions of a mythical past, are more eloquent.” Paraphrase: It is most important to narrow in of the theatre of Epidavros when looking at Ancient Greek drama festivals because more than any other theatre, Epidavros truly embodied the spirit of what Greek drama was all about. 2 Bibliographic Reference: Lalioti, Vassiliki. “Social Memory and Ancient Greek Theatres.” History and Anthropology 13 (2002): 147-157. 1 J. R. Green, Theatre In Ancient Greek Society (London: Routledge, 1994), 142. 2 Vassiliki Lalioti, “Social memory and Ancient Greek Theatres,” History and Anthropology 13 (2002): 148....
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