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CM1402-Tutorial 6 - CM1402TUTORIAL6(Week10 Question1 .6....

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CM1402 TUTORIAL 6 (Week 10) Question 1: The distribution constant for X between n hexane and water is 9.6. Calculate the concentration of X remaining in the aqueous phase after 50.0 mL of 0.150 M treated by extraction with the following quantities of n hexane: a) One 40 mL portion b) Two 20 mL portions c) Four 10 mL portions d) Eight 5 mL portions Question 2: Describe the chromatographic technique which can be used to separate the following complex reaction mixtures and explain why: a) Synthesis of 30 base RNA oligonucleotide sequences b) Buffer exchange of recombinant protein molecules c) Synthesis of 10 mer peptide molecules d) Isolation of specific enzymes from cell lysate using antibodies e) Preparation of hydrophobic organic based pharmaceuticals
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