Media in Sports 10 - Media in Sports

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Media in Sports                                    30/10/2007 07:14:00 Sports Column, 1920s: School attendance; literacy Newspaper circulation College sports facilities Economic resurgence post-WWI  o More disposable income Growing belief sports sold newspapers 1900, 15% sports in paper; 50% today Sports pages have 5 times readers Major three comprise 50% sport news  Magazines 18 th /19 th  c, sports-related magazines/journals 1886, The Sporting News 1954, Sports Illustrated Today, many magazines  Books Early 1800s, “dime novels” o Field sports, horse racing, boxing Today: auto/biographies, books, guide books  Radio  1920, first announcement o World Series results 1921, first radio broadcast o boxing 1920-1950s, radio reigned as medium 
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Film <1970, sports them rare Today, popular theme 
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Media in Sports 10 - Media in Sports

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