P115 Worksheet - Week 8, Thursday

4 a meter stick is held vertically so that it is

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Unformatted text preview: 300N. You use super glue and attach your dog to the end of the plank. If you are standing on the opposite end of the plank, where must the pivot point be so that nothing moves? 4. A meter stick is held vertically so that it is resting on the ground. It is given a slight nudge, just enough so that it starts to fall over. If the meter stick has a mass of 0.5kg, and does not slip from its pivot point as it falls, what will be its rotational velocity just before it hits the ground? 5. A hollow hoop, a solid disk and a sphere, all with a radius of 0.5m and mass 2kg are released from the top of an incline 45˚ above the horizontal and 5m above the ground. If there is no slipping, find the final velocity of each object at the bottom of the incline. 6. (A question from my final exam) Two uniform discs, each of mass M and radius R are supported by a common vertical frictionless axle. Initially, disc 1 is spinning with an initial velocity ωo while disc 2 is at rest slightly above disc 1. Then disc 2 is released and drops onto disc 1. After a short time, friction brings both discs to the same angular speed ωf. What is that angular speed?...
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