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buad473 notes - Hypotheses Kids will remember interest ads...

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Hypotheses: Kids will remember interest ads more (skyy, diet coke, Microsoft) Ads with prevalent brand names in the picture will be more likely to make people remember the brand name Won’t pay much attention to text. Will spend more time looking at interesting ads. Remember funny ads and pictures, not necessarily brand name. KYLE LensCrafters: “feet shoes, glasses” 15 seconds Fresh Step Cat is funny 10 seconds Lunesta Associated sleeping pills with a simpsons episode 25 seconds Read some text Skyy Classy Airplane Wealth 1 minute Diet Coke Drink dc in morning? Clever Picture Coffee Microsoft No idea what the ad is about 1 minute Big city, staring into space
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PURCELL LensCrafters 5 seconds Fresh Step Cat is funny 5 seconds Lunesta Roofies 8 seconds Skyy Skank 3 seconds Diet Coke Doesn’t make any sense Didn’t understand reference to caffeine in the morning ANDY LensCrafters Classy shoes 10 seconds Fresh Step VERY FUNNY, afv Can’t breathe 2 seconds, then laughter Lunesta No time for lunesta Skyy Nice legs Martinis 10 seconds Diet Coke 5 seconds
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