how to end procrastination

how to end procrastination - How to End Procrastination-Now...

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How to End Procrastination—Now Do you dread looking at your daily to-do list? Are you having trouble achieving your goals, despite your best efforts? Find out whether your environment is hindering your ability to follow through—and get on the road to fixing it. Like most professionals, financial advisors have more tasks to accomplish than any human being could do in one day. Still, you feel like you should be getting it all done. You know what you're supposed to do. You've been mentored and coached. You've read self-help books and attended time management programs and seminars. Experts have offered you step-by-step plans; colleagues have offered you advice. So why are you still failing to achieve your goals? Why can't you get things done? Because the plans that other people recommend leave out one critical factor: you. Face it—no one-size-fits-all time management or follow-through program will work for everyone. Your approach has to be adapted to you, your motivations—even your quirks. That would seem to let you off the hook for failing to follow through. Whew! No need to feel guilty. Really, though, it puts you squarely on the hook as the main obstacle to getting things done. Fortunately, since you're on the hook, you're also the one who can actually make a change. There are two things you must know in order to get things done: Your environment is more powerful than your willpower. You get things done when you have a meaningful, compelling reason to do so. The environments you inhabit
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how to end procrastination - How to End Procrastination-Now...

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