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The opening scene with the gun in the bank Selling ammo for the gun in the barbershop Taking care of one’s own family first (scene 5) Scene 6 Nicholas getting away with the bombing Oscoda thinking that they grow crazy people scene 7 Association with Eric made TJ (fatty) a suspect in bomb threats scene 7 The American overthrow of other countries leaders scene 9 USA trained Osama Bin Laden and GAVE him $3 billion America helps Saddam Hussein to kill Iranians then gives Iran weapons to kill Iraqis Clinton bombs a “weapons factory” which was really an aspirin factory Over half a million Iraqi children have been killed by American bombs America gives Taliban $245 million in “aid” Scene 10 largest bombing of Kosovo April 20, 1999 Scene 10 shooting at columbine Msnbc wanted to patch the live 911 operator on the air scene 10 Father calling stating that Eric was a possible shooter part of the trench coat mafia How do they legally buy the guns? “He shot the black kid because he was black”
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